Daily Beauty Essentials

Our beauty routine is a big part of our life and one of the the major things we make sure we take care of is our skin. Because the best foundation for your face is healthy and glowing skin! So here are our favorite products for our skin as well as a few of our favorite makeup essentials.

SPOILER! These products are affordable and actually work!!!

1. Face Exfoliator

scrub face 1
We have found that both of these products are gentle enough to use once a day. We use ours at night!

Lauren’s pick: St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

I have never had horrible acne but I have had problem areas. This exfoliator has kept my acne to a minimum other than the occasional blemish!

Rachel’s pick: Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliating is one of my favorite things to do and with this, I can do it everyday! This product has kept my skin clear for the past 8 months and I will continue to use it.

2. Moisturizer

Lauren’s pick: Mary Kay Timewise Age-fighting Moisturizer

My skin is combination to oily and this moisturizer is formulated perfectly for that. It is part of the Time Wise collection ak.a. their age-fighting line. They always say you can never start fighting age too soon!

Rachel’s pick: Avon Nutra Effects Day Lotion

This is a very basic moisturizer and is thick enough to just use a few dots to cover your entire face. I use it once a day at night after I use my exfoliator and it keeps me from having those annoying dry spots!

3. Body Lotion

Lauren’s pick: St Ives Renewing Collagen Elastin Body Lotion

This is a recent favorite of mine. I came across it while looking for a more moisturizing lotion than what I was using at the time. The collagen in it helps keep my skin firm and it smells like heaven!

Rachel’s pick: Jergens Hydrating Coconut

Seriously, a life saver for super dry skin! Over the winter months, my legs started getting more dry than usual and my sister Ruthie recommended I find something with coconut oil. I found this at Walmart and no joke, it healed my legs within one week!

4. Concealer

We both use the same one! The shade is Fair. 

Lauren’s pick: Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous

I suffer from extreme dark circles. I mean, extreme! I was constantly trying to find an affordable concealer to cover them and came across this one. I have been using it for a year now and don’t see myself changing that anytime soon!

Rachel’s pick: Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous

After many years of trying to find the perfect, creamy concealer, I found this one! This concealer has great coverage for everywhere you need it and even gets the job done for those stubborn red spots. If it’s a “no-makeup” kind of day, I still always wear this!

5. Eyebrow Pencil

Lauren’s pick: Maybelline Total Temptation Brow Definer in Soft Brown

I never go a day without filling in my eyebrows! This is the perfect shade for me and it comes with a spoolie, which is a plus.

Rachel’s pick: Nyx Eyebrow Powder Pencil in Soft Brown

I actually just recently (about 4 months ago) started filling in my eyebrows. This is the first eyebrow pencil I have ever used and it works really well for me!

6. Mascara

Lauren’s pick: Loreal Voluminous Original & Tarte Mermaid Lash Limited Addition

Mascara is my favorite makeup product so I have tried a ton and this is by far my favorite! I also curl my eyelashes and recently received my favorite eyelash curler from my sister Lexi. This is more of a splurge but I definitely think it’s worth the money!

Rachel’s pick: Maybelline Lash Sensational

I have blonde and non-existent eyelashes without mascara! Like concealer, it is the only other must have product for my “no-makeup” days. I really like several different mascaras but this is the one I always fall back on and have used for the past year!

7. Eye Shadow Pallet

Lauren’s pick: Naked Petite Heat by Urban Decay

This all-matte pallet is full of warm, orange tones which I am loving right now! You can do an everyday look or go dramatic with this pallet. I haven’t used another pallet since I got it!

Rachel’s pick: Tartelette Flirt Pallet by Tarte

This pallet is new to me! My sister Ruthie gave this to me for my birthday and I have used it everyday since. It’s warm tones make a great look for day or night and are getting me excited for summer!

8. Bronzer/ Blush/ Highlighter Trio

Lauren’s pick: Maybelline Master Contour

Honestly, I took this from my sister Lexi without her knowing (sorry Lex!) and she still doesn’t. I use the bronzer everyday and it’s the perfect shade. It definitely gives me that summer glow!

Rachel’s pick: Rimmel London Coral Glow Sculpting Pallet

This was an awesome find at Ulta in the clearance items! My mom and I both got one and love it. This trio completes my everyday makeup routine and really helps make my cheekbones more visible!

Where to find these products:

Face exfoliators, body lotion, concealer, Lauren’s eyebrow pencil, and bronzer, blush, highlighter trios can be found at walmart.com

Lauren’s eyelash curler, Rachel’s eyebrow pencil, and eyeshadow pallets can be found at ulta.com.

Lauren’s moisturizer can be found at marykay.com.

Rachel’s moisturizer can be found at avon.com.

We have shared our favorite beauty products with you, so now leave us a reply and tell us what your favorites are!


Lauren and Rachel

While we love all of these products and stores, we are not sponsored by any of these companies.

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